Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Survives Durability and Bend Test

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Survives Durability and Bend Test

Samsung has come a long way since making its first foldable official back in 2019. The first Galaxy Fold was not perfect, as early review units broke within a few days due to design flaws within the display. Fast forward to 2021, Samsung continues to improve its foldable phone with the Galaxy Z Fold3 by making it durable and adding an IP rating.

The question remains: are all these improvements made on the Galaxy Z Fold3 will help it pass the most rigorous durability test with flying colors?

JerryRigEverything did his usual set of tests to determine the durability of the Galaxy Z Fold3 in his video. While people might not stomach how a Php 100k phone gets tortured, Jerry’s video should give us an insight into the improvements Samsung made on its third-generation foldable.

In his video, Jerry did question Samsung’s claims of a more durable Armor Aluminum chassis, showing that the frame gets scratched just like the aluminum used on the Galaxy Z Fold2. Jerry also notes that the flexible inner display is vulnerable to dents from fingernails (with a warning that you should only use the S-Pen specifically made for it).

Samsung added an IP rating on the Galaxy Z Fold3, and after Jerry tried to splatter the flexible inner display with dust and rocks, he’s impressed at the phone’s dust resistance–considering that it is a foldable device and that there are areas where dust and rocks can potentially enter.

As for how did the Galaxy Z Fold3 fared in Jerry’s trademark bend test, the phone fared well in his bend test despite being a smidge thinner than the previous-generation Galaxy Z Fold2.

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that there’s truth to Samsung’s claim that they improved the overall durability of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3–which is solid proof of the Korean tech giant is slowly getting the right formula (and pricing) in making foldable devices suitable for the mainstream market.

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