Forget About Speed: 5G’s About To Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level

Forget About Speed: 5G’s About To Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level


Conversations about 5G almost always revolve around the fact that it delivers insane download speeds, but there’s one aspect of the 5G revolution people usually miss.

One of the main benefits of 5G adoption is the fact that it allows for insanely low latency. Lower latency = better online experience, and less hair-pulling moments caused by a lag in competitive games like Mobile Legends.

Lower latency means a better experience overall since your character isn’t jumping around in your screen and you’re not insta-killed by some unseen enemy in the corner that didn’t show up in your game because of your 200 ping. Traditionally playing games on a cellular connection via 4G was a roll of the dice latency-wise, but that’s all going to change once 5G services start rolling out.

Aside from the benefits to existing gaming platforms and latency benefits, we might finally see cloud gaming take off thanks to 5G. Services like Google Stadia will greatly benefit from lower latency brought by 5G, and similar cloud gaming services will be able to take advantage of the better connections made possible by 5G tech.

One of the brands that are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the switch to 5G is Huawei. While the telecom giant is a household name because of its mobile phone division, it’s also the biggest player in 5G adoption and innovation thanks to its Telecommunications Arm that provides the expertise and equipment needed to take networks to the next generation.

In fact, Huawei partnered with game giant NetEase to establish a 5G cloud game joint innovation lab last year. Both companies are conducting joint research in the demands of 5G gaming and development, making Huawei one of the few brands that’ll be able to fully leverage the advantages of 5G technology into their products moving forward.

The company is pushing for mass 5G adoption in the Philippines and was first to release 5G-enabled flagships ahead of its competitors at the tail end of 2019. The company is also looking to give the mid-range market 5G-capable handsets, spearheaded by the nova 7 SE 5G.

There are also quite a few other benefits of lower latency brought on by 5G tech that’s not related to gaming. 5G will ease congestion, thanks to its superior bandwidth capabilities compared to 4G. 5G will also make things like self-driving cars, increased workforce automation as well as telemedicine easier, things that are becoming even more and more important because of the changing times.

Faster downloads are great, but 5G’s real killer app may just be mobile and cloud gaming. And Huawei’s in a great position to reap the benefits of the 5G revolution.

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