The Philippines Experiences Better Internet Via Mobile Data over WiFi

The Philippines Experiences Better Internet Via Mobile Data over WiFi

WiFi connections need to step up

As plans for 5G are going full steam, OpenSignal released a new study on network speeds. Based on its latest research, the majority of countries it surveyed has faster download speeds via LTE compared to WiFi connections.

OpenSignal’s latest study covers 80 countries, of which 33 countries have better mobile data speeds compared to WiFi. Of the 33 countries, Australia has the biggest speed difference between WiFi and LTE at 13Mbps.

For the Philippines, LTE speeds are at least 2mbps faster than WiFi connections. OpenSignal cites the use of newer mobile technology, along with the wider rollout of 4G services, as factors leading to better LTE speeds.

While the Philippines has been lagging behind in terms of LTE availability, both Smart and Globe are working hard to expand LTE coverage. From the March 2018 report, Globe has improved its coverage to 67.46% (from 62.59%), while Smart has made an effort as well with 59.68% coverage (up from 52.71%).

The difference also applies to 3G connections as well. OpenSignal’s report is important as it debunks the myth that mobile connections are inferior to WiFi connections. Majority of people around the world own smartphones, and they normally use them for media consumption like Netflix.

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In OpenSignal’s previous reports, both Globe and Smart have been working on improving their LTE download speeds: from the March 2018 report, Globe improved its overall download speeds to 7.69Mbps (from 7.48Mbps in the September 2017 report), while Smart has improved its speeds to 12.45Mbps (compared to 9.87Mbps).

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In spite of the said improvements with LTE speeds, fiber networks play a role in improving both mobile data and WiFi connectivity. The development of 5G is necessary for improving not just mobile technology, but also the quality of fixed network broadband deployments. Advantages of 5G networks include faster speeds and wider spectrum choices.

As of this writing, Smart has started rolling out 5G towers in Clark and Makati, and Globe is expected to roll its 5G infrastructure in the coming months.

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