Nick Fury 1/6th Scale Figure from The Avengers by Hot Toys

Nick Fury 1/6th Scale Figure from The Avengers by Hot Toys

Nick Fury b

Director of SHIELD!

After a lot of thinking we decided to just get Nick Fury so we can finally complete our 1/6th scale limited edition collectible figure set of The Avengers by Hot Toys. We were hesitant to buy since the Nick Fury figure was strangely expensive compared to a lot of the other Avengers. The going market price at the time we got one was Php15,000-Php16,000 but fortunately we found a seller who let it go for much less than that.

We kinda felt forced to buy Nick just to complete the set but the figure was a delightful surprise after unboxing! Not only did the figure bare a striking resemblance to the actual character in the movie, it also came with a lot of accessories! We’ll go through them in this feature.

For now check out this short video clip of Nick Fury imprisoning Loki to jog your memory on how kick ass this guy really is.

Fascinating how Nick Fury is almost always half-shouting, hehe.

Nick Fury c

True to Hot Toys form, the head sculpt is a great reproduction of Nick Fury as played by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie. They got all the little details right including the skin color, eye patch, goatee, and even the wrinkles on his face! The exposed veins on his covered eye socket are also present.

Hot Toys also nailed the costume perfectly! There’s the black long coat, long-sleeve black shirt, patterned under tee, and his navy blue pants. The small accessories and details like zippers, belt and pistol holster are also present. The material used for the clothes definitely don’t feel cheap, especially the black long coat.

Nick Fury e

As we mentioned earlier, the figure came with a lot of accessories. The most notable one is the silver metal suitcase which contains the Tesseract. And yes, it actually does have a Tesseract inside of it! Heck, the thing even lights up (battery powered).

Nick Fury

Nick Fury a

As for his weapons, Nick Fury comes with his trusted handgun and his big bazooka (which he used to blow up a rogue plane in the movie). Since the figure has a lot of articulation points and interchangeable hand pegs it’s quite easy to pose him using any of the weapons or accessories.

Nick Fury g

Nick Fury f

And with Nick Fury in our collection we’ve finally completed the entire Avengers Hot Toys 1/6th set (for now). Our quest isn’t over yet though as we’re expecting to see Bruce Banner (not in Hulk form) and the alien soldiers get released later this year (huhuhu our poor wallet).

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