Lacoste Leather Downtown Messenger Bag

Lacoste Leather Downtown Messenger Bag

We were doing window shopping last night at Podium and we stumbled upon this beautiful leather messenger bag by Lacoste. It’s called the Lacoste Downtown Messenger Bag and it’s definitely one of the best Lacoste bags available in the country. Several components of the bag, including the external flap, are made from genuine leather and the subtle Lacoste brand logo on it just screams class and elegance. Here are some photos we took with our iPhone 4:

There are several compartments inside for your gadgets, papers, and peripherals. This will fit a 13″ laptop and a bunch of other stuff. If you’re tired of the same black messenger/laptop bags being used by everyone in the office, you might want this so you can stand out.

The Lacoste Downtown Messenger Bag sells for P14,850 and they only have 1 bag left in the Podium (Lacoste store, 2nd Floor).

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