Some “New” MediaTek Chips Are Renamed Versions of Old Models

Some “New” MediaTek Chips Are Renamed Versions of Old Models

We have been impressed with MediaTek’s Dimensity chips lately: The Dimensity 8100 is a popular choice among upper mid-range phones for the insane performance it has to offer, while the Dimensity 7200 that’s found on the vivo V27 proved to be an excellent, more power-efficient alternative. While we are waiting for MediaTek’s other chips, consumers need to be careful as some MediaTek chips are not exactly new–instead, these are renamed versions of older chips that MediaTek has in its portfolio.

A very good example of this is the Dimensity 6020, where the new name is only for branding–at its core, the Dimensity 6020 is essentially a new name for the entry-level Dimensity 700 that MediaTek launched back in 2020.

And it seems that the Dimensity 6020 is NOT the only MediaTek chip following a similar route: Twitter user GadgetsData also pointed out two more MediaTek chips that went for the rebranding route. One is the Dimensity 6080, which is a rebranded Dimensity 810, while the other is the Dimensity 7020, which is a rebranded Dimensity 930.

We checked the differences between the Dimensity 7020 and Dimensity 930 to see if GadgetsData’s claims are true, and they are almost the same based on their specs. The only noticeable differences we noticed are that the Dimensity 7020 has a native 108-megapixel camera support (optional on the Dimensity 930), and that it supports 2-lane UFS 3.1 storage, which should translate to faster read and write speeds. In the case of the Dimensity 810 and Dimensity 6080, the only real difference between the two is that the latter natively supports 108-megapixel cameras–everything else is the same.

There’s no explanation why MediaTek has chosen to launch “new” processors as renamed versions of old chips–the only reason we can think of is that MediaTek wants to streamline its naming scheme to have four digits instead of three digits. We don’t know when we will get a phone that uses a Dimensity 6020, 6080, or 7020, but we expect future entry-level to lower mid-range 5G devices to have either of these three processors.

This is not the first time that MediaTek has been launching “new” chips as renamed models: this was the case for the Helio G35, which was essentially a new name for the Helio P35. A more recent example is the Dimensity 1300 is a new name for the Dimensity 1200.

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