SOON: You May Have To Pay For Netflix Account Sharing

SOON: You May Have To Pay For Netflix Account Sharing

Over the course of the pandemic, more and more people looked to subscribe to streaming platforms in search of quality entertainment. It’s undeniable that the Netflix Account Sharing options posted on social media seem more lucrative because of their relative affordability to getting your own subscription. Sadly, the platform’s executives are looking to crack down on these within the year to maximize profit generation.

When it comes to cost, the most expensive Premium plan costs PHP 549/month. That’s with four concurrent streams at 4K quality, which some turned into a business by splitting across four or five people. These services then charge these individuals around PHP 100-150 each which costs even less than the application’s mobile and base plans of PHP 149 and 249/month respectively. Moreover, the max resolution viewable on those platforms is just 720p.

Admittedly these businesses do eat quite a huge chunk of the company’s profits. That’s why they’ve come up with methods to prevent Netflix account sharing that include ensuring that all users under the Premium plan can only be within the same household. While some aren’t too happy that they can’t share their account with family members living in other residences, it seems to be the most logical next step for the brand.

Within the following quarter, Netflix is slated to find a middle ground for account sharing users by requiring charging additional costs. Yes, you may have to begin coughing up extra to avail of these services. Whether or not these charges are hefty enough to warrant just getting a new account remains to be confirmed. As of now, there aren’t any numbers floating around yet. If you’re curious about the technicals, here’s an explainer.

Other than this, it’s all good news for the company as they’ve gained 1.75 million global subscribers within the first quarter of the year. The company’s still in the green though as they’ve made a quarterly profit well in the $1.3 billion USD mark. With the “free” ad-supported tier coming very soon, the growth rate could easily exponentially spike before the year ends.

How does the company expect reactions to Netflix Paid Account Sharing will go? Based on interviews, they’re anticipating a mass cancellation of subscriptions; but this will be offset by those willing to shell out cash to keep their Premium accounts alive. It’s a risk the company is willing to take.

Anyway, they’ve also promised more investments into quality shows and entertainment which is the utmost priority of subscribers after all.

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