The V29e is a Scaled-Down V29 in the Philippines

The V29e is a Scaled-Down V29 in the Philippines

While we know that the V29 is arriving in the Philippines with a Php 25k starting price, vivo Philippines is also bringing over the more affordable V29e as well. We saw the V29e recently at a vivo event, and it’s different from the Indian version as the one in the Philippines has flat frame sides, a flat AMOLED display, and no dual-tone color option. Essentially, the V29e that’s going to be sold in the Philippines feels like an incremental upgrade from the V27e–with the biggest difference having 5G connectivity with its use of a Snapdragon 695 processor.

The V29e has an official SRP of Php 18,999 in the Philippines, which is Php 2k more than the SRP of the V27e. The price premium of the V29e over the V27e is just fair, as you get 5G connectivity and more RAM at 12GB so that you can multitask better. Save for those minor differences, the V29e has the same key features as its predecessor–with the updated Aura Light being its main highlight as its functionality is much better as an independent ring light module.

As a scaled-down version of the V29, you get most of the core features with the V29e at a lower price tag that’s more accessible to Filipinos.

While we already saw the V29e in person–and know that its SRP is at Php 19k, we were told during the event that it should be available at authorized vivo stores and online by October. Make sure to stay tuned for official availability–and if vivo has some early bird deals for the V29e.

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